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I Could Be Wrong…

Is it a good idea for Christians to use the phrase “I could be wrong…” when discussing their convictions? Greg Koukl of Stand to Reason responds.


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2 Responses

  1. interesting that this individual has to lie and ignore current physics which indicates that there is a good chance that the universe didn’t have a beginning, as he understands it. As usual, we have the special pleading, which insists that this god has always existed. We have no evidence of this god. We also have the claim that a single version of the Christian god is the creator, also no evidence of that. What we do have is the laws of physics which seem the explain the universe’s existence and that those laws could be just as eternal and always been around, just like claims for various gods.

    and one more Christian who has to lie and claim that people “don’t realy believe” what they do indeed believe. That’s just the need of a christian to play pretend everyone agrees with him since he needs external validation.

  2. From an Apologetics point of view, Christians should never admit that they might be wrong, especially when they are.
    From the point of view of reality, it would be nice if more Christians admitted that they are not, like the Bible (supposedly), inerrant. 🙄

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