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6 Things Jesus Didn’t Die For

Here is some great insight from Jana Duckett, Ph.D. Jana is the Associate Director of Digital Marketing and Communications for The Catholic University of America. She is also a former social media manager and editor at She’s a lover of God, people, and words helping others discover their “God-designed area of excellence.”

In Judea over 2,000 years ago, the world bore witness to both the single most horrific act in human history and the most incredible miracle within 72 hours. Men and women in Jerusalem watched, even if they did not know it, as humans laid hands on none other than God Himself and nailed Him to a cross.

Three days later, women discovered that He had risen again. In doing so, He saved us all from sin and Satan. He faced down one of the most torturous deaths ever conceived for us, for sinners, for those that killed Him. When He was crucified, Jesus’ death made the Kingdom of God available to His children again.

In order to once again restore to them the life with God they had lost, Christ was nailed to a cross and died willingly. Christians, however, sometimes forget exactly why Jesus died. The miracle is so all-encompassing that we believe it covers things that had nothing to do with Jesus’ crucifixion, but we can’t force our own willful desires as a substitution for God’s purpose and plan. Here are six things Christians can be certain Jesus did not go to the cross for.

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