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Major Moral Argument Mistakes

How good is the moral argument?  A retired attorney wrote John Frank asserting that we don’t need God for objective morality.  Some of his challenges can be summarized in the following questions:

  • Does the moral argument depend on everyone agreeing on right and wrong?
  • Can human beings construct an objective moral standard independent of God? Couldn’t the majority vote do that?
  • Are God’s commands based on God’s desires?
  • Are they based on God’s authority?
  • Can’t evolution explain morality?
  • Do changing views on morality mean there is no objective morality?
  • What about moral dilemmas? Do they show morality is relative?

Join Frank as he goes into depth on these and other questions.  In fact, this show starts with an analysis of one Presidential candidate’s claim that a church’s tax-exempt status should be revoked if it fails to embrace same-sex marriage.  Does this align with the Constitution?  And why are churches tax-exempt anyway?

Read the article here: Major Moral Argument Mistakes (Part 1) | Cross Examined Official Podcast


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