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This Will Preach — Being married leads to relationship satisfaction!

Married adults have higher levels of relationship satisfaction and trust than those living with a partner. This is the headline one would hope would make the news as opposed to the more clickbait-ish drop in marriage and rise in cohabitation. Anyone in support of marriage should certainly trumpet it loud and clear. When you ask cohabiting couples about satisfaction and trust, specifically if things are going well, only 41% answer in the affirmative. But when you ask those who are married if things are going well, 58% answer in the affirmative. That’s quite a swing.

To sum up, there are fewer people getting married, more people living together outside of marriage, but those who choose marriage are happier than those who don’t.

Read the article: This Will Preach – Dr. James Emery White, Blogs


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  1. God’s common grace blessings of marriage has good benefits!

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