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What does it mean to be a slave to Jesus?

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Jesus is my Master. Jesus owns me. I am His slave. I should be happy with that being enough. This is the normal life of a disciple of Jesus.

Jesus teaches me. Jesus is serious. Jesus means this and certainly expects that I get it. I am chosen, bought, owned, subjected, dependent, disciplined, rewarded, provided for, protected, and expected to be obedient.

“A disciple is not above his teacher, nor a slave (dŏulŏs) above his master. It is enough for the disciple that he become like his teacher, and the slave (dŏulŏs) like his master.” | Matthew 10:24-25

The Greek word is δοῦλος (dŏulŏs). In the Greek, that word means “slave” — never as anything but “slave.” It doesn’t mean “servant”; it doesn’t mean “worker”; it doesn’t mean “hired hand”; it doesn’t mean “helper.” There are six or seven Greek words that mean “servant” in some form. δοῦλος (dŏulŏs) never means “servant.” A servant is someone hired to do something. The slave is someone owned. Big difference — huge difference — and yet all through the New Testament the word “slave” is masked by the translation “servant,” or some form of the word “servant.” Truly a remarkable thing.

What about the apostles and early disciples? Jesus taught His disciples. They got it. You see it in the letters in the new testament scripture.

  • Paul referring to himself, Philippians 1:1, as a slave of the Messiah. In Romans 1:1, “slave of Messiah.” Titus 1:1, “slave.”
  • James, the half-brother of our Lord; says “James, a slave of God and of the Master Jesus the Messiah.” (James 1:1)
  • Peter, not to be outdone (2 Peter 1:1), “Peter the slave.”
  • Jude “Jude, a slave of Jesus the Messiah, and brother of James”
  • John if Revelation 1:1, “John the slave.”

Every one of them identifies himself as a slave of the Messiah — chosen, bought, owned, subjected, dependent, disciplined, rewarded, provided for, protected, and obedient — and obedient unto death.


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