Train to Reign Day 3 Larry Pons Men’s Talk

One evening, while in my latter 20’s, I was watching Johnny Carson on TV. For those of you who don’t know or remember him, he was (and forever will be, in my opinion) “the king” of late-night television. Burt Reynolds was one of his guests on this night, and they were talking about various topics, including what it means to be a man.

Johnny directed this question to his guest (and I am paraphrasing): “Burt, you have played numerous ‘macho’ roles during your career, acting manly and tough. So, what do you think it takes to be a man in real life?” I will never forget the answer Burt Reynolds gave. Without hesitation he said these words, “I’ll tell you what it takes to be a man. You’re not a man, until your father says you’re a man!” For a secular TV program, I thought his comment was extraordinary and contained a profound spiritual truth.

Albert Schweitzer once wrote, “The tragedy of life is what dies inside a man while he lives.” You may remember a similar quote from the movie Braveheart: “All men die. Few men ever really live.”

In John Eldridge’s book, Wild at Heart, he states most men have become caged lions. Referring to lions in a zoo, he speaks of men who are trapped inside a societal cage and, as a result, cannot be engaged in the battles of life. Because of the doldrums of their existence, the frightening roar of the king of the jungle has been exchanged for the occasional yawn of boredom emanating from behind padlocked doors. Personally, I have listened to the stories of many men who want to break through the barriers of their mundane lives, but don’t know how to do so.

Susan and I often say in our seminars “we fought for family every day.” We recognized then, and even more so now, that the Biblical family structure is at the center of major controversies being exploited in our nation. We are in a battle to defend Judeo-Christian principles in the Western World. It takes courage, wisdom, undying nerve, and the grace of God to fight this battle day by day.

We cannot fight this battle from inside a cage. We must break free! Our moments of lethargy will become few and far between when we begin to understand our fight for family is anything but boring!

God is calling men to fall on their knees in the living rooms and bedrooms of their homes and cry out for His intervention on behalf of their families. Boldness is required for fathers to protect their children from the deranged and demonic tactics of an enemy, who is intent on destroying the family.

Husbands must to take their place as head of the home. This means to be God’s representative in determining the necessary course of action on a daily basis – helping to lead in the way our children dress, assisting in their daily activities and knowing who are their friends, and embracing each member of the family while training them in their relational and spiritual growth. These are just a few of the essentials needed to win the battle for family.


Train to Reign

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