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Is our prayer for God to show His strength?

Show your strength, God, so no one can miss it. We are out singing the good news!” ~King David  

Source: Psalm 21:13 (The Message)

Is Jesus happy or sad with my prayers? I think Jesus may be sad sometimes. I pray and cry out to God about something I want or feel like I need. I am thinking this happens way too often. It is me, me, me all the way.

I don’t think Jesus is amused. This isn’t how Jesus taught me. Jesus teaches me to pray: “Your Kingdom come, your will be done.”

How about some prayers for God to show his strength? How about prayers for God’s Kingdom to come? How about some prayers for God’s will to be done? How about I quit thinking about myself and what I want and line up with what God wants?

God is God and God is Great. I must pray for God to show his strength.

That would give me some good news to talk about. When Jesus shows his power, it is all about the good news. Jesus wants me to be talking with others about the amazing things God has done.

God is in a good mood. Am I sharing the good news?


There is power in prayer. We see it every day. Let us join with you in tapping into the Power of God. Click here to make a request.

The lessons taught at CTCI are not designed to be learned just in the classroom. They are not simply taught in a week or a month program. Rather, they come through the furnace of daily living and are hammered into useful form on the anvil of unrelenting daily life and common struggles. The hammer must fall repetitively over and over before the shape takes form. This type of experiential learning is formative.

Learning is driven by an insatiable curiosity in God’s ways. The value of hard work and the merits of creative problem-solving are by-products of “fleshing out” Biblical principles and watching them come to life through God’s creative power. Families are transformed and young people are reformed.

When given the right conditions of sunlight and good soil, an acorn grows into a mighty oak. When the same acorn is crowded out by larger trees and the elements for health are lacking, the tree grows crooked and deformed.

When a family arrives tattered and worn, we provide the sunshine and nourishment of God’s word in daily life experiences – and the transformation is nothing short of remarkable.

When a young person arrives soiled in the mud and mire of worldly ways, we provide the nutrients which build character and integrity for future leaders – and the reformation is nothing short of miraculous.

This is what we do: Transformation and Reformation. Learn more here.

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