This is truly an amazingly crazy time! How many of us plan for a pandemic? Through this ministry, we receive numerous prayer requests, and we agonize with those who are suffering. Our hearts and prayers are turned to those who need hope and victory.

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But, not surprisingly, this terrible virus is not the only thing we have not planned for. Look at these actual quotes:

  • “This pandemic is driving us crazy. We are all cooped up inside the house getting on each other’s nerves.”
  • “We can only watch so many videos. What else is there to do?”
  • “My husband and I just stare at each other. In some ways, that’s an improvement.”

For the masses who have not been directly attacked by the virus, we are endeavoring to adjust to being at home all the time. As strange as it may be, many have found their identity in their work-a-day world. Now that this identity has been ripped from us, we are confronted with re-introducing ourselves to our families in real time every day. We find that having been forced away from normal life routines, we are forced to face each other at home.

In God’s overall plan, I am not sure why we are having to face a national crisis at this time. But, I am sure God would have us honestly face each other in our family life.  And why not? Why not take this evil circumstance and turn it into something good?!!

We at CTCI want to offer you something special during this time of isolation: the chance to give your family a chance. We would like to share with you proven biblical principles for marriage, for parenting, and for family.

We are offering, at this time, in a digital course format, our unique family training series. You will learn how to strengthen your relationship with your spouse.  You will experience better communication skills. You will discover why Fatherhood is relevant for today. You will gain better tools for parenting.

Join us in this endeavor to strengthen our families. Let’s do our part in turning this evil into something good!

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