I feel like a man!

Great joy came over me last week when I heard a young boy yell these words while flying downhill on his bicycle; it was only a few days later that a nineteen year old student shouted the same words while making his first ever drywall repair. These are priceless moments that seem few and far between, but I believe God desires them to be daily experiences for the growth of His children. 

  • Here at CTCI we endeavor to provide the opportunity for young men and women to not only feel this growth but to act upon it.
  • Paul hints at God’s growth-trail in Romans when he says, “…we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope.”

This truth is referring to a believer’s perseverance, but it also applies to general growth. If you want to see your son or daughter grow in confidence, consider teaching them practical skills or talking with them about family heritage. If you want them to make friends, teach them hospitality and manners.

  • If you desire them to be overcomers in life, try teaching them how to fix a toilet.
  • Faithfulness is the result of countless mundane tasks faced every day.
  • Today’s generation is being lulled into passive insecurity simply by missing out on endless opportunities that mothers and fathers should have required them to face.

As parents, teachers and disciple makers, we should train ourselves and those we love to see problems as opportunity for growth. This is how we honor God; this is how we experience priceless moments of growth daily.

Author: Casey Wilson

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