What’s the cost?

Pricing varies per program. Please see our pricing page in the main menu to find out about specific costs.

​What if I can’t afford it?

Our policy at CTCI has always been the same – we feel like finances should never keep you from going where God is leading you. If you feel that God is leading you here, please contact us to talk about scholarship availability.

How long are programs?

Heroes Week= 5 days

Heroes Internship = 9 weeks (includes the Extra Mile trip)

Heroes Semester = 10 weeks

 Train to Reign = (Spring/Fall) 2 weeks (Individuals, couples, or families may apply for one or both weeks.  However, all are encouraged to attend the full Train to Reign program). Summer = 10 days.


Can I bring my kids?

Children are included in Train to Reign sessions. Please contact us for more information.

Can I/we make travel arrangements?

We are happy to work with you in making your trip here as easy as possible. To help us accomplish this, please coordinate airline reservations and other travel arrangements with our office.