Matching gift for our God, Family & Country campaign

The Christian Training Center International has received a $30,000.00 matching grant!  We need your help now!   In order to realize the full potential of this matching grant, we are asking you to prayerfully consider giving a donation, which will double in value. 

Every dollar given will be matched up to $30,000.00. Our deadline to reach this goal of $30,000.00 is October 31, 2019. 

For a limited time, your gift can go 2X. Our vision is to see
generations of leaders victoriously modeling Jesus in their families and communities.
$35 → $70
$60 → $120
$120 → $240

When you give to the  God, Country, and Family Campaign, you’re making strides to restore the name of God who is the One watching over the functions of families in our country. Christian Training Center International (CTCI) seeks to restore the family unit, which in turn, undergirds the foundation of our country’s welfare.

  • When you participate in Walk for God, Country & Family, you partner with a ministry who assists families locally and from all over the world who are seeking healing and restoration.
  • Each dollar raised helps to send a family back into our society with God and country in view. 
  • Each dollar raised fuels the impact of family identity in our America. 
Hurry, your gift of:

$35 can become $70.
$60 can become $120.
$120 can become $240.

Any amount you give today can be matched up to a total of $30,000, so please be as generous as you can.