Building Godly Relationships

Life is about relationships. First and foremost, you must build a right relationship with God the Father through Jesus the Messiah. From this foundation flows more mature relationships with family, neighbors, and the world. These insights are at the heart of Christian Training Center International. 

Our programs are designed to immerse youth, young adults, and families in the language of the living Christ. Learn more about how we train believers to live a victorious life through biblical truth, experiential discipleship, and family relationships.

The lessons taught at CTCI are not designed to be learned just in the classroom. They are not simply taught in a week or a month program. Rather, they come through the furnace of daily living and are hammered into useful form on the anvil of unrelenting daily life and common struggles. The hammer must fall repetitively over and over before the shape takes form. This type of experiential learning is formative.

Learning is driven by an insatiable curiosity in God’s ways. The value of hard work and the merits of creative problem-solving are by-products of “fleshing out” Biblical principles and watching them come to life through God’s creative power. Families are transformed and young people are reformed.


This is what we do: Transformation and Reformation.