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Leadership the Jesus Way

Leadership. Focus. Discipleship.

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Looking how to focus your faith at work? This series of leadership programs focuses on leadership skills that drive the purpose and passion for work as laid out by Jesus and based on sound scripture.

We might see faith and work as estranged. It can be frustrating. But, in truth, faith and work should share a crucial aim: to see the unseen at work through the power of the Holy Spirit. Nothing new has been made without faith in God. Nothing unseen has been seen without work. When the force of what we do hits why we do it, we wither, or we flourish.

We don’t want to just examine that collision. We want to live in the intersection where it occurs. To celebrate what flies. And to rethink what falls. To map. To explore. To create. To risk. Not just for a nicer 9-to-5. But to serve the community we belong to and love. It comes down to one key truth: faith at work matters. So … let’s do it well.

God is a worker, and his work is both intrinsically good and for the good of all creation. Since humans were created in his image, work is a key component of human dignity, even in a fallen world, and a primary way we worship God and love our neighbor.
Work, whether paid or unpaid, includes all meaningful and moral activity apart from leisure and rest. Work is fundamentally about contribution, not compensation, adding value to others and serving. It is all about service and love.

God forms us through our daily work as we collaborate with one another to serve the common good in the power of the Holy Spirit. We can build communities of faith at work.

About Our Speaker

Michael Wilson


Michael Wilson is Chief Administrative Officer for the the Christian Training Center International. Michael has a long career serving in multiple positions with the American Heart Association. His final position was as Chief Digital, Information and Customer officer. Michael is the founder of the Center for Digital Transformation and is a partner with Fortium Partners and serves a a national practice leader.

Michael is a visionary leader with broad strategic perspective in customer experience, business technology and leadership.

Michael has a proven ability to drive business performance through creative thinking, team building, staff engagement, value-added customer relationships, effective processes, and continuous improvement.

Michael is passionate focus on excellence for a customer centered reality with outcomes for the business.

Nonprofit accomplishments include creating a Major Gifts initiative that successfully closed numerous six and seven figure income partnerships with an emphasis on multi-year relationships. Expert at Special Event fundraising including creating and sustain events with long-term revenue results. Created a vision to embed digital strategy by connecting donors with the resources and knowledge they need, when and where they need it, fostering meaningful interactions, and creating a unified and consistent experience that has the ability to innovate and adapt in an evolving space. Implemented Planned Giving efforts including enhanced marketing and increasing staffing to generate new gift commitments. Moved from traditional donor satisfaction approach to a unified donor experience vision. Core capabilities include donor and digital analytics, donor experience impact and donor engagement. Facilitated a culture of Philanthropy supportive of aggressive Development growth. Converted an outsourced Contact Center from a cost center to an in-sourced Service Center that is a profit center. Executed strategies to gain increases in programs service revenue including membership, publications, counseling, and training.

Overview Session One

Resilience, Influence, engagement, leading with vision, and purpose.

The Leadership the Jesus Way program focuses on the fact that it’s different at the top. The Christian Training Center understands that leading an organization is a powerful — and humbling — experience. Top leaders play an enormous role in the success of organizations as they follow Jesus. And, they need to excel in new ways. The challenges of leadership at the top are far-reaching, complex and essential to get right. Jesus is clear in giving us our mission. We are to make disciples. That includes building communities of faith at work. That requires vision and leadership.

What Do Participants Learn?

-Top leaders gain a clear view of their impact on the organization as followers of Jesus and:
-Develop clear action plans for organizational challenges & priorities.
-Clarify organizational vision for faith at work.
-Explore personal leadership effectiveness, within the organization & in comparison to other senior executives who are faith leaders.
-Improve influence skills with employees, work teams, boards, shareholders, partners & critical stakeholders.
-Enhance executive image (within a faith context) & communication skills.
-Learn to balance & sustain your own energy as a faith leader at work.

Who should attend?

-Followers of Jesus who want to learn how to set up and lead a faith at work ministry.
-Followers of Jesus who feel called to serve as senior executives in the top three tiers of the organization.
-More than 2 years of discipleship experience following Jesus & on track for leadership responsibility at work.
-Admission to the program is by application.

What are the challenges addressed?

-What experiential learning (discipleship) means for faith at work.
-Business operations: the heart of all other challenges.
-Strategic issues: setting & realizing vision, direction & goals.
-Managing change: day-to-day & long-term.
-Leading across levels, silos, cultures, backgrounds & interests.
-Talent management: ensuring the current & future talent pipeline.
-Individual impact: understanding & adjusting leadership style.

Why Choose Leadership the Jesus way?

-A rigorous application process ensures participants are appropriately challenged & in the company of their peers.
-Individual leader development in the context of advancing the business of faith at work.
-Personalized content via assessments, dedicated coaching relationships & tailored activities.
-Energy, fitness, health assessment & guidance.
-Faculty & coaches with extensive experience working with senior executives.


-What is leadership in the biblical sense?
-What is the leadership model we learn from Jesus?
-What does resilient faith look like? What are the implications for motivation?
-How do we engage other followers of Jesus and our team members?
-How can we lead with vision?
-How do we build purpose into our faith at work?
-What is faith-based leadership?


How to build resilience into our faith at work. Followers of Jesus today are experiencing extremely high levels of stress in the workplace. Organizations are trying to do more with less, further increasing employee workloads. With no end in sight. In fact, leaders are discovering the impact of pushing themselves and their teams harder than ever: health and well-being suffer. As a leader, you need to learn how to ensure both high performance AND sustainable well-being for yourself and your people.

  • Leadership – The Jesus way
  • Team engagement
  • The Jesus Vision
  • Scripture based faith driven purpose
  • Building blocks of faith at work

Pricing & Registration

Local Pricing (No lodging): $50 (pp) for Faith in Work Series; $150 (pp) One Week Deep Dive Session

Schedule of events (coming soon)