Next Special Online (Marriage Course) Monday, May 25, 2020

(Parenting Course 2) May 25, 2020 (with completion of Marriage Course 1).

(An Online Course That Could Change Your Life)

COVID-19:  An Evil We Can Help Turn into Good

This is truly an amazingly crazy time! How many of us plan for a pandemic? Through this ministry, we receive numerous prayer requests, and we agonize with those who are suffering. Our hearts and prayers are turned to those who need hope and victory.

But, not surprisingly, this terrible virus is not the only thing we have not planned for. Look at these actual quotes:

“This pandemic is driving us crazy. We are all cooped up inside the house getting on each other’s nerves.”

“We can only watch so many videos. What else is there to do?”

“My husband and I just stare at each other. In some ways, that’s an improvement.”

For the masses who have not been directly attacked by the virus, we are endeavoring to adjust to being at home all the time. As strange as it may be, many have found their identity in their work-a-day world. Now that this identity has been ripped from us, we are confronted with re-introducing ourselves to our families in real time every day. We find that having been forced away from normal life routines, we are forced to face each other at home.

In God’s overall plan, I am not sure why we are having to face a national crisis at this time. But, I am sure God would have us honestly face each other in our family life.  And why not? Why not take this evil circumstance and turn it into something good?!!

We at CTCI want to offer you something special during this time of isolation: the chance to give your family a chance. We would like to share with you proven biblical principles for marriage, for parenting, and for family.

We are offering, at this time, in a digital course format, our unique family training series. You will learn how to strengthen your relationship with your spouse.  You will experience better communication skills. You will discover why Fatherhood is relevant for today. You will gain better tools for parenting.

Join us in this endeavor to strengthen our families. Let’s do our part in turning this evil into something good!

About Our Speakers:

Larry and Susan Pons 

 Larry and Susan Pons have been the directors of Christian Training Center International for most of forty years. They have been married for forty-seven years and are the parents of four children and eight grandchildren.   Susan was in the first graduating class of North Carolina School of the Performing Arts and attended that school for two years majoring in voice.  She also has a B.A. degree in History from Lenoir Rhyne College. 

Larry is a graduate of Wake Forest University where he played football, from which he received his undergraduate with a Bachelor of Science and with graduate work in Counseling. Prior to arriving to the Christian Training Center, Larry was the director of 5 programs for troubled children and their families, three of which were of national scope.

The two of them were part of the wonderful movement of the Holy Spirit in the 1970’s. It was out of that time that they were called into family ministry.

Christian Training Center International is a non-denominational ministry committed to missionaries, pastors, and families.  They also offer a program called, “Heroes of Today” designed for young people to learn more about the Christian foundations of this nation, their walk of faith, and their challenges of living life in an attitude of integrity and service in the ways of Christ.

Larry and Susan have spent their lives as servants of God ministering to burned out pastors from around the world, widows and orphans, broken families who have a deep need to return to the basics of God’s word in the healing of marriages and families.

Each Course Includes:

  • Devotional(s)
  • 2-2.5 hrs of teaching per week – Video
  • Weekly Chapter Reading Assignments (corresponding to the video segment)
  • Skills to Practice – 1 per week
  • Couple’s Night or Family Night activity 
  • Assignment Question(s)

 Course One Includes:

  • Week 1: God’s Word on Marriage & the Marriage Covenant, Leaving and Cleaving, What Divides Couples, Agreement
  • Week 2: Duty vs. Intimacy, Identifying & Resolving Conflicts in Marriage & Family
  • Week 3: Fatherhood: The Relevancy of Being a Father Today: The Revelation of God as a Father; Three Roles of an Earthly Father
  • Week 4:  Covering: What Does it Mean? Communication in Marriage and Family
  • Week 5: Questions & Answers – An Interactive Session Answering Your Questions

Course Two Includes:

Week 1:Introduction to Discipline: (Hebrews 12 ) Parenting: Facing the Realities, Defeating Parental Fears, 5 Signs of Discipline 
Week 2:  How Do We Make Discipline Lasting & Effective? (Seeing Discipline all the way through)
Week 3:How Do We Turn the Ordinary into the Extraordinary?
Week 4: Practical Applications of Family Life 
Week 5: The Beauty of the Commonplace; Scripture Readings 

Pricing & Registration

 Our training program online would typically cost $350.00,  but during these uncertain times, when so many are financially pressed, we want to offer it to you on a DONATION BASIS. We want you to be able to participate in this program and we don’t want money to stand in the way. When you register online you will enter in the amount you would like to pay please pay what you can afford knowing that it is your donations during this time that will help undergird our ministry. 

*Must complete the Marriage Online Course in order to register for the Parenting Online Course.