Outdoor Survival Skills

Participants in the 2-week Life Applications program live on the premises and help staff the overall 10-week Heroes semester program, conferences, and events. Daily duties can include anything from helping the staff take care of the grounds, gardens, and facilities to preparing meals and helping put together activities for youth and teens.  

Participants live in a structure designed to build character through spiritual (morning prayers), mental (study), emotional and physical (daily exercise) challenges. The relationships and rewards of the 2-week Life Application last for a lifetime.

Register here: https://ctcilife.org/heroes-semester-program/

Learn basic camping and outdoor skills including survival and first aid techniques.

The following objectives will be met in the interactive sessions: 

  • Camping skills 
  • Understanding Backpacking equipment/procedures 
  • Firebuilding Techniques 
  • Widelife Identification/Tracking 
  • Identifying Indigenous Flora and Fauna 
  • Campsite layout/necessities 
  • Survival skills/preparation 
  • Safety procedures 
  • Water filtration 
  • Map reading and Compass Orientation 
  • Knife skills/sharpening 
  • Hygiene/Cleaning/Sanitizing protocols 
  • Repelling/Rock climbing 
  • Fishing skills and equipment 
  • Purchasing equipment 
  • Plan actual backpacking adventure 

Register here: https://ctcilife.org/heroes-semester-program/

Top 10 Outdoor Survival Skills and Hacks