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A Time of Refreshing | Crandalls In YWAM St. Croix Missions

(A wonderful testimony from the Crandall family who recently attended our “INNvision” Family training here at CTCI)

A Time of Refreshing

Posted on March 17, 2014 by brianjackic

In mid-February, Brian and I (and the kids) had the opportunity to go to the mountains in North Carolina for a 2 week training program at the Christian Training Center International.  It was such a beautiful time of connecting with the Lord and growing as a family!  The main focus of our teaching was on what it looks like to be a Godly family and honor each other according to the Lord’s standards found in Scripture.  It can be really easy to decide what is best for our family based on our culture, background, media, etc.  These 2 weeks were devoted to diving into the Word and discovering God’s original design and plan for family.

We stayed at the INN, which is the main building on the CTCI campus.  Similar to our YWAM base,

St. Patrick – Christian Hero

Young. Captured. Slave to world. Born again. Slave to God. Servant to all.
If your looking for some true history that screams… “Jesus”, take a look at the life of St. Patrick. Be encouraged by him. Thank the Lord for his life. Give up your dream of guzzling green beer for breakfast this week, and go find some rowdy rebels to evangelize in honor of the true St. Patrick.

The ground of our hope | Mars Hill Church

Charles Spurgeon


“But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the law.” Galatians 5:18

Whoever looks at his own character and position from a legal point of view will not only despair when he comes to the end of his reckoning, but if he be a wise man he will despair at the beginning. For if we are to be judged on the footing of the law, there shall no flesh living be justified. How blessed to know that we dwell in the domains of grace and not of law!

CTCI Summer Internship 2014

We are months away from another amazing summer at CTCI. Events  have been scheduled, plans to serve  locally and abroad are being made – and all there is left to do is process your application!

So… let go of your pillow, forget about conquering the next video game, and come follow the Lord with us.

A little video from last summer to get you ready!


Proclaiming God’s Word: “NOW”

Sometimes as we walk through our days we look back fondly to times that were. If we are not doing that we often are looking forward to what is yet to be. It is good to gather the memories of the past and to anticipate eagerly what is ahead. God’s Word has so much to say about ‘Now’, I put this Proclamation together to help me live ‘Now’, and to appreciate what God has done for me and what He has and is giving me today. Proclaim this, because it is the truth!

May God bless YOU greatly as you walk with Him ‘Now’, may none of us miss the wonder and beauty of the moment we are in!



Meat for My Bones – Motivation to Memorize Intro

ribs1There are snacking foods and there are packing foods, and every guy knows the difference. Sure some ladies I know satisfy themselves with tiny treats in order to remain jammed into the culturally approved clothing of today, but these snacks will not carry you through the night. The body needs real foods, and the spiritual body needs more than drive by manna!

I like to think I am still a young buck, but the crows feet climbing across my face are beginning to tell me something different. They have become known to me as “Lines of Responsibility”.