Proclaim His Name Virtual Conference 2020 Schedule

We are excited you joined us for our virtual seminar. Connect with David Kubal, president of Intercessors for America, and Bob Fitts, international worship leader and song writer, for a time of powerful worship, teaching and prayer. In addition, we had some great guest presenters as well.

Much is at stake in this crucial Election year. As we watch the social and moral fabric of the nation that we cherish become so frayed, we want to celebrate the values of God, Family and Country that made this nation so great, and call upon the Lord to restore and revive them again. We invite you to gather with us to worship, be informed on what is happening in this nation, learn how we should pray, and to declare His Lordship over America!

This link and site is your primary destination to find all the latest links for recordings of each session. Plus, post conference links to all presentations will be provided.

  • Redeeming the Youth of America – Zoe, K-Poe and Dustin Recorded:
  • David Kubal, Mark Zelden and “Lord, Stir Our Spirits” David shared a teaching focusing on Haggai 1:14. He concluded making the point that “just as building a Temple took time, so does good government.” David described the importance of religious freedoms and how they must be protected by the various departments of a President’s administration. Mark discussed how he has been a part of protecting religious freedoms at the Labor Department. The discussion will have four phases: President Trumps EO on the National Day of Prayer in 2018; two years of work ensuring the government protects religious freedoms. The final comment will be on the complexities that SCOTUS’s Bostock decision brings. Recorded:
  • David Kubal, Cynthia Dunbar and “Return to Me” David shared a  teaching focusing on Zechariah 1:2. He concluded making the point that God is a God of covenants and we have the opportunity to reengage the covenant He has made with America. David make the point that our Founding Fathers – and documents – are covenantal document. Cynthia will discuss on what is the basis of a Constitutional Republic and is America one. Cynthia’s comments  made the connection with Declaration of Independence, The Constitution which is based on the Laws of Nature, Distinction between Laws on Nature and Natural Law – Importance of 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights in today’s environment – Importance of Values (biblical values) bleeding into platforms of major political parties. Recorded:
  • Intercessory Prayer Session: Recorded:
  • Join Bob Fitts, international worship leader and song writer, for a time of powerful worship, teaching and prayer. Recorded: