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Colossians 2: The Victory of Christ

Colossians 2: The Victory of Christ

“Never had the kingdom of darkness suffered such a mortal blow than when Jesus burst through the grave.”
In this message CTCI director, Larry Pons, takes us through Colossians 2 and reminds us of the glorious victory of Jesus Christ!

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Resurrection and Revival

In this Easter Sunday message, Susan Pons speaks about resurrection and revival in nature, in the life of Christ and in our lives.

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Up From the Ground

I love spring. I think it’s fitting that winter’s barrenness is followed by the most colorful season of them all. It is a time of new beginnings, of freshness, a time of awakening. Sitting on our porch is a birdhouse which was built by one of my kids. As I walked by the other day, I glanced in it and saw eggs sitting there waiting to be incubated. Two weeks ago it was snowing and today there are eggs. Springtime is exploding all around us. Although winter will probably try to hold spring down or turn it back, we can be assured that warm weather will prevail.

What does this have to do with Easter? Well, it is no coincidence that way back during the Exodus, slavery was dying and freedom was bursting forth during this time of year. It wasn’t by accident that Jesus conquered sin and death during this time of year. It was God’s plan that a season in the story of mankind would end with the most crucial event in all of history. You see, the same way that germination causes a plant to come up out of the ground, our Lord rose up from the ground on Easter.

What does this season look like to me? It signifies the end of slavery to legalism. It looks like a fresh beginning in my walk with him. It is a time of growth. It is a time of victory. No matter how dark the barrenness of winter has been, new life is waiting for you. Allow the fullness of resurrection to enter your soul.

How can you respond to Him this Easter?

1) Yield yourself to His touch. Slow down and surrender.

2) Hear His voice. Quiet yourself, wait and listen.

3) Walk with Him. Fellowship with Him and walk in His ways.

4) Thank Him. For all He has done. For what He is doing. For what He will do. For His resurrection – and yours.

Experience new life this Easter.

Passover to the Cross

I am forever grateful to Rabbi Rubenstein and the Messianic fellowship,  BethYeshua, for all they have taught me over the years: reverence for the word, appreciation for the hebrew, to enjoy the biblical feast, how to dance : ), the beauty in tradition, freedom from the law, covering and covenant, family and fatherhood…

Of all things I am most grateful for teaching me to see Jesus in the Old Testament. This week (April 14th-22nd) is Passover week, the first of the yearly holidays commemorating the story of the Exodus, where God freed Israel from the slavery of Egypt. Passover is one of seven holidays appointed to remind Israel of the work of God. These holidays are His-story, God’s means to reveal Himself to His people. First to the Jews, but also to all that would believe.


I am the Lord…
During every Passover celebration four cups of wine (or juice) are used throughout the seder meal to symbolize four distinct promises made by God to Moses and the people of Israel (Exodus 6:6-7). These four promises are true today for all that believe in Christ. They are promises that Christians should know and claim, temporary promises to Israel, eternity promises for Christians!

#1 The Cup of Sanctification
“I am the Lord, and I will bring you out from under the burdens of the Egyptians” -Exodus 6:6

The Exodus of Israel begins with their slavery. Israel had grown mighty in numbers, so mighty that the King of the Egypt feared them (Exodus 1:8). It was within this time of slavery that God revealed Himself to Israel.


When we hear the word Easter, what first comes to mind? The Last Supper? The cross? The unmatchable sacrifice? The weeping? The empty tomb? Jesus dead but now alive? Our lives’ never the same again? Each line below spells E.A.S.T.E.R. May the wonder and treasure of ALL that Jesus has done for us, be fresh in our hearts this Easter time. He is risen indeed! Hallelujah!