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What does it mean to move from the sword to the scepter?

What does it mean to move from the sword to the scepter?

The Mordecai Mandate: Moving From the Sword to the Scepter.

In this session, Dave Kubal, president of Intercessors for America, speaks out of the book of Esther and talks about the important shift taking place in how we are to pray and intercede for our nation – we are in a season of moving from defensive prayer (the sword) into praying with favor extended (the scepter).

For Such a Time as This.

Appeal to Heaven Conference: Session 2 June 2018 – For Such a Time as This (Bob Fitts) Full Video

Bob Fitts has been at the forefront of worship leading and song writing with an international platform in live performance and recordings for over 30 years. The songs he has written and sung have always emphasized the over-abundant love and grace of God, bringing hope and healing to people all over the world. Bob and his wife, Kathy, have traveled to well over 50 nations to lead worship and teach at schools, events, conferences, ministries and churches.