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Fatherhood and love the Jesus Way. 

What is the impact of learning about fatherhood?

Ethan is a North Carolina native who joined the  Summer Internship for 2018. He shares about the impact of the teachings on fatherhood from Train to Reign, how his life was changed through his time here, and his renewed faith as he returns home.

Father-heart of God

“Knowing God brings total security. A home without a father cripples it and leaves it deprived. It robs them of security and confidence.”
Join us as our guest speaker, Paul Thompson, shares with us what the Word has to say about God being a Father and how God has established this in his life.

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Fatherhood | (6/6)

In part 6 of this series entitled “Fatherhood”, Larry Pons continues his look at practical ways fathers can represent God to their families and shows the relationship between strong fatherhood and faith.

Fatherhood | (4/6)

In part 4 of this series entitled “Fatherhood”, Larry Pons concludes his discussion on the benefits of knowing God as “Father” and begins to show how fathers necessarily represent God to their families.

Fatherhood | (2/6)

In part 2 of this series entitled “Fatherhood”, Larry Pons looks at the relationship between Creation and Fatherhood and the positive role Jesus played in coming to Earth.

Fatherhood & Rejection | (5/6)

In part 5 of “Fatherhood & Rejection”, Larry Pons looks at how to establish true happiness in our children and addresses the necessity of fathers having long-term vision for their families.

Fatherhood & Rejection

In part 6 of “Fatherhood & Rejection”, Larry Pons continues his discussion on the importance of fathers having long-term vision for their families and ends the series with a word of encouragement.

Fatherhood & Rejection | (3/6)

In part 3 of “Fatherhood & Rejection”, Larry Pons takes a look at what it means to display strong, godly fatherhood, how it can affect society for good, and how it can ultimately save our families.

Give me your hand

When our children were young we taught them to immediately place their hand in ours when we asked for it. We would say “Give me your hand”, and they would come to us and place their hand in ours. This is great when crossing the street or in busy store.

True Fathers – Tim Bryant

We live in a world where men are portrayed as being out-of-touch, old fashioned, intolerant and sometimes just plain stupid. On television Fathers are mocked and are to be pitied most of all. It seems that no one is more out-of-touch! While it’s true that we have brought some of this on ourselves by our own actions, … I want to remind you that we are created in His image and He has a totally different perspective on what it looks like AND means to be a man.