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What is the focus of Jesus?

What is the focus of Jesus?


Jesus has a real focus. Jesus is going to do what God wants Him to. I need to get the same focus in my life. What does God want? What is God’s goal for me?

The better we get to know a person, the more acquainted we become with his or her desires. For example, a child may look across a busy street at the ball that bounced away, but he doesn’t run after it, because he knows “my dad wouldn’t want me to do that.”

Why can’t we focus on what Jesus wants us to do?

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Jesus heals demon possessed boy

Jesus is teaching us. He has given us the power of his Holy Spirit. What a gift. What a God we serve.

I don’t always succeed as a I learn how Jesus works. I forget to focus on what God wants me to do at that moment. I proceed thinking that what worked in the past is what will work now. That isn’t the way of Jesus.

Is it any of my business?

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Will of God

It is none of my business. That is the stunning message from Jesus that He wants me to know. I am not to worry about a lot of things I am worried about.

What is my business? My focus has to be on what God wants me to do. Am I loving God with every fiber of my being? Am I loving everyone I know and meet? My life with God is what I need to get focused on. Doing what God wants is my business.

I want a 60 minute worship service. Where is my heart’s focus?

Heart's Focus

Heart’s Focus

Oh man, this cuts to the bone. What is our heart focused on? Why are we so impatient with God?

It is amazing, when we want to do something, the amount of time we are willing to put in on something.

How much TV do we watch compared to how long do we pray every day? I know the answer to the question for me. My heart isn’t focused on Jesus like it should be.

It really does come down to is what is important to Jesus not what is important to us. Will I follow His lead? Will I sacrifice for Him?

Will I? Will you?

God’s goal for us is for us to focus on Jesus. That is it. No how long it takes.

“The same people who want 60 minute worship services rent 2 hour movies; watch 3 hour ballgames. It’s about our heart’s focus!” ~ J. Bull


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