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“Genitalia Are Not Destiny” — But Are They Design? | Desiring God

“Genitalia Are Not Destiny” — But Are They Design? | Desiring God

How should the Church speak about gender divide? Should we value male and female design? Is family – “family” – without genders? 

It is an absolute privilege to work with a ministry that fights for and values family. In fact, all of the training we do focuses a person on understanding their role and purpose within their family. For the Christian there are two very real families; your biological family and your church family. Both of which are filled with diversity, roles, authority, responsibilities…. the list naturally goes on as God established unique characteristics within family. The difference between male and female or the difference between parents and children – are beautiful! In Gods Kingdom, “roles”, do not define your value; what they do is display Gods design.

Unfortunately we live at a time where gender is being questioned… rather attacked; and I would suggest the attack is directed at God. It is important that the Church continues to value gender and declare the hand of God in our design.

Here is a short article from DesiringGod that can help all of us approach gender talks from Gods view. Enjoy!

Riding in the wake of the cultural speedboat of the destigmatization of same-sex intercourse is the mainstreaming of “gender non-conformists.” Witness the June 9 issue of Time. Laverne Cox, born a boy, is on the front page, in his chosen female identity.