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Why couldn’t Jesus do anything of His own initiative?

Why couldn’t Jesus do anything of His own initiative?

Jesus is completely obedient to the will of His Father. 24/7 it is all about what does God want right now. We must think radically different about how Jesus can help us understand God’s will.

I have a lot to learn about obedience. I have a great teacher in Jesus the Messiah. Will I allow Him to lead me?

Now this is some good news. Jesus is my model and guide in all of this.

Who’s way should I seek?

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Who’s way should I seek? King David knows it is God’s way and not his way. Jesus challenges me to put Jesus in charge.

God has made Jesus the ruler of God’s country (aka Kingdom). My goal is to do what Jesus wants me to. Some days I just don’t want to. Some days that isn’t my priority.

God is gracious and kind to me. Jesus has sent the Power of the Holy Spirit to help me. Now that is some good news.

What is wrong with my way? God is God. God is the only one who knows the plan from start to finish. God is Great. Nothing is impossible with God. Out of nothing God created the universe. I am in no position to questions God’s plan.

Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen?

Why does God let “bad things” happen? Consider this article by Jason Soroski.  Jason is a homeschool dad and author of A Journey to Bethlehem: Inspiring Thoughts for Christmas and Hope for the New Year. He serves as worship pastor at Calvary Longmont in Colorado and spends his weekends exploring the Rocky Mountains with his family. Connect on TwitterInstagram, or at

To answer this question, we have to start by defining what makes a thing good or bad. Some of these answers seem easy: cancer is bad, violence is bad, death of a loved one is bad, the Holocaust was bad. Most people would agree on this definition of ‘bad things’. These are things that leave us in shock and in pain. These are things that can leave us questioning not only whether God is good, but whether he even exists.

“For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.” ~Jesus

Family is important to God and Jesus. God sanctifies our earthly families and gives us lots of ideas on how to make our family relationships healthy and productive.

God has a family. What does it take to be a part of God’s family?

For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.  | (Matthew 12:50)

The answer is very straight forward. Jesus doesn’t hold anything back from me. His challenge to me is to do what God wants. Obedience is the core of everything in God’s world. Obedience leads to being a part of the family of God. Now that is some good news.

It is not about my plan. It is all about God’s plan. He has one. Will I obey it? Jesus challenges me to do so. This is a radical call to discipleship.

Now here is some VERY good news. God’s plan is simple and straightforward.

In this day of complicated programs and books, simplicity rocks. We even have it on a bracelet. WWJD. “What would Jesus do”?

God’s plan is for me to do what He has in mind for me. All the time. That puts me in the family of God. Good news for sure.

Even our Lord’s earthly family did not fully understand Him or His ministry. Some of His friends thought He was crazy. But Jesus did not want the honor that comes from people. While He was not disrespectful toward His physical family, He did emphasize the family of God.

Note His use of the word “whoever”. This paralleled His beautiful invitation in Matthew 11:28–30 where He encouraged all to trust Him. If the nation would not receive Him, at least individuals within the nation—and among the Gentiles—could trust Him.