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Who is Jesus? Is He the good shepherd?

Who is Jesus? Is He the good shepherd?

King David knew that our Master (Lord) is our shepherd. We all love Psalm 23.

Jesus is the good shepherd. Jesus is not a hired hand. Jesus sacrifices Himself for us. Jesus is with me no matter what.

We are sheep. We need protection. We wander away and get lost. Jesus is so good to us.

Jesus protects us and finds us when we are lost. Jesus does anything necessary to give us life and keep us alive.

How do we find our Good Shepherd’s peace and promises in the darkness?

How do we find our Good Shepherd’s peace and promises in the darkness? Here is some great insight.

There are passages of Scripture that follow us all the days of our lives. These are the verses underlined, highlighted, barely legible for the years of sermons, Bible studies, and personal times of need. The yellowed leaves of a family Bible — a primitive record of lives lived, joys shared, sorrows borne — bear witness to successive generations that clung to the same “anchor” through many storms. These Bible verses are located on the earmarked pages of Bibles coming undone by use. As families gather around grandfather and draw closer to his white-whiskered face they love so dearly, an adult child leans in, straining to make out the beloved old man’s last words. He hears the verses his dad taught him; passages he is passing along to his children.

For the verses I speak of are the verses whispered as a prayer in death.

Psalm 23 is one of those. David, the shepherd, wrote this Psalm. The Bible gives us the pedigree of David: he was not your ordinary king. He began life as a shepherd, but that humble beginning prepared the greatest King of Israel to become the most unusual king who ever lived. For through the other challenges of his life, challenges that came from his sins as well as from others, we always return to the core identity of David as a shepherd. The psalm is a pleasant and fragrant vine that continues to grow in our lives. And we always come home to Psalm 23.

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A Good Shepherd

It is a joy and privilege to have such a diverse staff here at CTCI, not only in terms of their individual talents and abilities, but also in the different cultural perspectives that each brings to our work and family environment.

Here is a devotional thought from our beloved Ambiorix Caldéron (native from the Dominican Republic) on his perspective on what it means to be a good shepherd. (See below for an English translation):

Esta mañana mientras caminaba en la cerca, me di cuenta que los obejos me seguian dondequiera que yo caminaba.  Me hizo pensar en Jesús cuando dijo, “…el pastor llama a cada obeja por su nombre y las obejas reconocen su voz…y cuando ya han salido todas camina delante de ellas y las obejas lo siguen porque reconocen su voz.  

¿Y tú, quiere ser un pastor que te sigan las obejas, y que te conozcan?  Tu ejemplo determinará si las obejas te sigan.

-Ambiorix Caldéron (CTCI Staff)


This morning as I was walking in the field, I realized that the sheep were following me wherever I went.  It made me think of Jesus when he said that the Shepherd calls every sheep by name and the sheep recognize His voice. When they have all come out, He walks before them, and the sheep follow him because they recognize His voice.”

What about you?  Do you want to be a shepherd whom the sheep know and follow?  Your example will determine if the sheep will follow you.