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Is gossip just bad or evil?

Is gossip just bad or evil?

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Oh no! Here we go. If I could just keep quiet. If I could just control my tongue. I love to gossip like the next person. Beyond gossip, sarcasm is for me a killer. The sharpe rebuke that shuts someone I care about dearly up or provokes them to anger. Yikes!

  • The gossip of bad people gets them in trouble; the conversation of good people keeps them out of it. | Proverbs 12:13 (The Message Bible)
  • Evildoers are trapped by their sinful talk, and so the innocent escape trouble. (NASB)

Do we really believe Jesus forgives us? Should we change our minds?

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Jesus decides to return to His hometown. When He got there, some men carried a paraplegic on a stretcher and set him down in front of Him and His disciples. Jesus was impressed by their bold belief. He couldn’t just ignore the man. So Jesus said to the paraplegic, “Cheer up, son. I forgive your sins.”

Now this got Him in some real trouble. Some elitists and  religion leaders whispered, “Why, that’s blasphemy!” Of course, they didn’t say it out loud. Just a whisper among themselves. Or so they thought.

Am I whispering, thinking Jesus can’t hear me? Hmmm …