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Seeing Jesus in 2020 clearly with 20/20 vision! Master, open our eyes.

Seeing Jesus in 2020 clearly with 20/20 vision! Master, open our eyes.

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2020 is going to be a turning point for us to see Jesus clearly and obey Him in our journey to love God and our neighbors. We are going to have 20/20 vision.

This isn’t about resolutions because resolve is short lived. Resolve runs out gas early and often. Resolve is not the issue.

Seeing with 20/20 vision is about seeing Jesus clearly, changing our minds (aka repentance) and acting differently.

  • We will act differently because we will make different choices.
  • We will decide to decide.
  • We will act.
  • We will follow Jesus and be resilient.
  • We will not give up or give out.
  • We will fight the good fight.
  • We will be strong in Jesus.
  • We will walk in His spirit and in His mighty power.

We must make the choice to learn to see.

10 Ways to Hear from God Regularly

How can we hear from God regularly. Here is some great insight.

God is constantly speaking to people. But too often, they miss out on hearing God’s messages because they seek His guidance only occasionally – usually when they’re going through a crisis or facing a major decision. Then, with a dire need to hear from God, people become confused and frustrated when they don’t clearly hear what they should do. They start to wonder how to hear from God and why they aren’t.

It doesn’t have to be that way. God wants everyone to hear His messages clearly, and it’s possible to do so. The key is to forget about formulas and gimmicks for hearing from God, and to focus instead on developing the kind of relationship with God that will empower you to hear God speaking regularly. The closer you get to God, the more you can enjoy ongoing conversations with Him, both listening and hearing from Him, and the more God will use those conversations to transform you into the person He wants you to become.

Here are 10 ways how you can hear from God and recognize his voice regularly:

Read more here: 10 Ways to Hear from God Regularly

How do we hear God?

Bill Eubank is President of the Christian Training Center International. Bill provides us with great insight on how to hear God.

Key points are:

  • God’s voice in our hearts sounds like a flow of spontaneous thoughts. Therefore, when I tune into God, I tune into spontaneity.
  • I must learn to still my own thoughts and emotions, so that I can sense God’s flow of thoughts and emotions within me.
  • As I pray, I fix the eyes of my heart upon Jesus, seeing in the spirit the dreams and visions of Almighty God.
  • Journaling, the writing of our prayers and God’s answers, provides a great new freedom in hearing God’s voice.

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