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Is God’s motive the honor of his name?

Is God’s motive the honor of his name?

God Knows

God is God. God is to be honored and His name is to be revered. This is a shock to many today. Our culture considers it okay to dishonor God. I must honor God. I must be proud of following King Jesus, His Son.

As followers of Jesus, because we honor God, we have an inheritance. God is God. God knows what is going to happen. He has determined what is going to happen (aka predestined). We can be confident it will.

Who does He consult with? Himself. It is His will that is the only thing that counts. It is all about God and I must honor His name.

Is Jesus being honored like God?


Jesus is in control. Not just of a little but Jesus is in control of everything. God has made Jesus Judge and King.

Jesus will be honored. When Jesus renders His verdict, everyone will honor Him.

I must submit to His judgement.

I must bow and honor Jesus.