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Are You Contending for Your Children’s Faith? 

Are You Contending for Your Children’s Faith? 

Here is a great article by Jennifer DeFrates. The source is: Are You Contending for Your Children’s Faith? ~ Heaven not Harvard

Contending for your children’s faith can sound daunting. If you’re a Christian parent, you want to raise your children to know and love the Lord, but there is no one sure-fired 100% way to parent that brings kids to Jesus.

With 161 million search results on Christian parenting, it’s hard to know where to begin. We want to be the kind of parents who lead our children to Jesus, but how to do that is more complicated than just taking them to church anymore.

First, we can’t make our children love God.

We can’t force them to have a real relationship with Jesus. God has to call them and direct them and build a desire in them to seek Him. All we can do is point the way.

But we can’t point somewhere we’re not going.

“A leader leads from in front, by the power of example.” Edward Abbey

If you want to lead them in faith, you need to be walking in faith in front of them. Make sure they see you reading your Bible. Show them how you use Godly wisdom to make decisions and deal with your own sin. Teach them how to study the Bible and what a relationship with God looks like.

Contending for your children's faith can sound daunting. As a Christian parent, there is no 100% way to parent that brings kids to Jesus, but there are things we can do to give them a firm foundation. #Apologetics #ChristianParenting #ChristianMom #ChristianBlogger #Parenting #MamaBearApologetics #RoarLikeaMother

Yesterday, my daughter and I read James 1 together. We talked about how James thought his brother Jesus was crazy, but following the crucifixion became an ardent follower after seeing Him alive, even calling himself a bondservant or slave of Christ. We read a few different translations and talked about not reading tricky verses alone, but making sure we read in context.

How it fed my heart to have those moments with her. But I know I can’t secure her salvation, only God can.

But there are some ways you can be contending for your children’s faith.

Be constant in prayer. Praying for your children with intentionality and focus is probably the most crucial step you can take that requires no special knowledge or training. Just pray.

If you need some practical ideas about how to pray, what to pray, how to remember to pray, I have this resource for you.

Pray with your children for their futures. Pray with your spouse. Ask friends and family to join you in prayer for your children.

Give them a firm foundation in the faith.

A few years ago, someone close to me came out of the closet as an atheist. After listening to logical, well-reasoned arguments against Christianity, I went through a crisis of faith. I wasn’t sure what was true.

That crisis led me to discover apologetics for myself.

Apologetics might sound like some mysteriously difficult subject, but really just means to give a defense for what we believe.

I had to know – is there evidence for our faith or is the Bible full of fairy tales, myths, and legends?

I got tears in my eyes as I listened to J. Warner Wallace of Cold Case Christianity and Gary Habermas’s Minimal Facts Approach.

If I had known all that I do now, I don’t think I would have walked away from the faith as a young adult. I wouldn’t have struggled alone to survive the traumas I endured.

And, I want my daughter to have the kind of faith I do now, only better. I don’t want her to face the years of doubt and fear that I did.

I want my daughter to have the faith I do now. ‘Blind faith is easy to lose. Faith grounded in evidence is harder to walk away from.’ Hillary Morgan Ferrer #MamaBearApologetics #ROARlikeaMother #Apologetics

Now, I’m constantly studying apologetics and believe more and more strongly that there is powerful evidence for a creator and for the resurrection of Christ, but there is so much to know and learn. You can focus on evangelizing Muslims, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, etc. or study the cosmological arguments for creation by God or the historicity of the scripture, etc.

Contending for your children's faith can sound daunting. As a Christian parent, there is no 100% way to parent that brings kids to Jesus, but there are things we can do to give them a firm foundation. #Apologetics #ChristianParenting #ChristianMom #ChristianBlogger #Parenting #MamaBearApologetics #RoarLikeaMother


But there is so much information, it’s hard to know where to begin. You need a basic grasp of a lot of ideas, a firm understanding of God’s views, and the way the world is trying to twist reality, and how to combat those false narratives as a Christian while being able to defend your Biblical worldview.

Does that sound crazy intimidating?? It doesn’t have to be!

I have found an excellent resource for all Christians, Mama Bear Apologetics. While the title is directed at moms, the book itself is such a great resource any Christian (every Christian) should read it to know what we believe and why. They also have a podcast and website to further equip Christian parents.

If you want to raise children with a firm foundation for their faith, START here! It’s still on sale and is the #1 New Release in Christian Apologetics!

This book is a cheat sheet to defending the Christian faith. (read my full review here*)

Mama Bear Apologetics™: Empowering Your Kids to Challenge Cultural Lies

By Hillary Morgan Ferrer (Paperback – Jun 4, 2019)

$11.89 $16.99

Mama Bear Apologetics was written by a group of talented women with conversational writing styles. The authors have organized and fleshed out all the important apologetics ideas in ways that are easy to digest and discuss.

They start with ‘why care about apologetics’ when my kid has a cheerio up his nose. Because let’s face it, we’re busy. Adding one more thing isn’t going to happen. But, then they follow up with why it matters so much, the youth exodus. 

“Most studies indicate between 45-88% of youth leave the Christian faith after their freshman year in college and never return.” – Julie Loos

We can’t make them believe, but we can help our children build a faith that lasts on the foundation of truth.

Mama Bear Apologetics is Really a MUST-READ for all Christian parents in this post-truth culture!

There are so many great resources that I couldn’t possibly list them all. But if you want to get serious about contending for your children’s faith, Mama Bear Apologetics is a great place to start.

By chapter 4, you’ll be wondering why you hadn’t found it sooner, even if you’ve never considered apologetics before. I thought it was a few simple facts about creation. I had no idea how much better I understand the character of God and the Bible because I’ve learned how to read and study it.

Contending for the faith of our children has never been more difficult or more important. Are you prepared to meet the challenge and give them a faith planted on a firm foundation? #Apologetics #RoarLikeaMother #MamaBearApologetics

I’d also highly recommend Cold Case Christianity for KidsGod’s Crime Scene for Kids, and a Case for Christ for Kids.

For younger kids, JD Camorlinga’s series about James and Ruth are excellent. They are picture books that deal with the three main arguments against Christianity and the back of the book has a cheat sheet for parents to explain the concepts in greater complexity.

For older kids, another brand new resource is So the Next Generation Will Know by Sean McDowell and J. Warner Wallace. It will help you be an ally with your teens against the lies the world is spoon feeding them at every turn.

So the Next Generation Will Know: Preparing Young Christians for a Challenging World

By Sean McDowell, J. Warner Wallace (Paperback – May 1, 2019)

$12.32 $16.99

Rated 4.5 out of 5 by 20 reviewers on

Contending for the faith of our children has never been more difficult or more important. Our culture tells them there is no truth, do what feels good, there is no right and wrong.

We have to help them learn how to think for themselves. We need to understand the fundamental concepts that erode a Biblical worldview without being intellectually honest.

Are you ready to answer the call to fight and start contending for your children’s faith?

Source: Are You Contending for Your Children’s Faith? ~ Heaven not Harvard