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The Fruit of the Spirit for Today’s Young Christians – Patience (part 3/3)| Jay Fesperman

The Fruit of the Spirit for Today’s Young Christians – Patience (part 3/3)| Jay Fesperman

There’s a very important principle we all need to recognize; “If you move from one relationship into another one without dealing with the present-day problems, you will take the same problems with you.” And it’s just adding problem upon problem, because any new relationship inevitably has it own adjustments to make;  so it needs no help from the past – except from the lessons learned!

The Fruit of the Spirit for Today’s Young Christians – Patience (part 2/3)| Jay Fesperman

Seven years ago I wrote a letter to a young brother-in-the-Lord. Let’s call him Hiram. Here are some excerpts from that letter:

Dear Hiram, I have a very important word for you! WAIT!!! SLOW DOWN!!!  You’re trying to live out tomorrow today. You can’t do that! You’ve got to live today FOR tomorrow. Today is the preparation for tomorrow. You cannot get to tomorrow until you have lived through today. Today is the training ground for tomorrow.  Usually, it is a combination of education… (home and family living), experientially learning how to deal with tomorrow’s problems while someone else is in charge), relationships (dating, courtship, friendships, and all that). BE PATIENT, man!  You’re only 20! Live your life a day at a time as God gives it to you, and don’t try to move into tomorrow before it comes!

The Fruit of the Spirit for Today’s Young Christians – Patience (part 1/3)| Jay Fesperman

What’s happened to TIME? Where has TIME gone? It seems to have disappeared! We have instant breakfast, instant coffee, instant multiplication, instant re-plays…supersonic jets, hurrying Honda-bikes, instant entertainment, drive-in churches, high-speed toys, and we STILL don’t have time! Rush to classes. Rush to fellowship meetings, racing to be on time for engagements…well, not more than 5 or 10 minutes late.


But I must act NOW! I don’t have TIME to WAIT for tomorrow! All of a sudden in the last 20 years, we’ve lost our sense of time. “I can’t complete what I am doing, because I’ve got something else to do.”

A Package? For Me?!

A few weeks ago I celebrated my twenty-first birthday. One of my closest and dearest friends drove four hours just to spend the day with me. I had the day off, and I received some awesome handmade birthday cards from a few members of my Inn family. All around it was a spectacular day.

The previous Saturday I was on the phone with one of my sisters who told me she was sending a birthday package in the mail for me. Trust me when I say I got excited! Knowing I had a letter coming would have been enough to make me giddy and impatient for it to arrive, but a package…ohh my, I couldn’t wait! Then after many more birthday phone calls from my parents and the rest of my siblings I found out some of them were sending me cards and packages as well! By my excitement you would have thought, “Poor child, she’s never gotten mail before.” (Let’s be honest, apart from advertisements, bills and government notifications mail is pretty fun and exciting!) Since those conversations I faithfully checked my mailbox daily (ok, multiple times a day, but who’s counting?) for cards and packages. I almost wish they hadn’t told me. I get so excited, to the point of impatience. Terrible, I know.