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Can children get along?

Can children get along?

Holding a grudge

Holding a grudge

We are God’s children. Now think about it. He has forgiven us. He has adopted us. All is right in the family of God. Or is it?

How does he want us to act? Does He want us to hold grudges?

Does He want us to forgive, iron out our differences and make up? Yes, God does.

The first step is to iron out the differences. This requires coming to an understanding. It isn’t always just ignoring the underlying problem only to see it flare up again in the future.

God has a new way for us and it is not what we think. His goal is for us to love not to hate.

In His Spirit, we have the power to live a life of love. Children can get along. Hard to imagine but it is true.

 I urge Euodia and Syntyche to iron out their differences and make up. God doesn’t want his children holding grudges. 

Philippians 4:2 (The Message Bible)

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