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Umbrella Talks – Creating A Spiritual Covering For Our Family (part 12)

The Family of God | Jay Fesperman

My dictionary defines “family” as “the body of persons who live in one house, under one head”….  It is important that we realize the significance of the family “living in one house”, as the dictionary [defines] it. A family is meant to bring people together in close fellowship in order to cause friction among its members. If we don’t learn how to face troubles at home, we will not learn how to cope with the pressures of ordinary living in the world. There is clear purpose in the closeness required of family members. But the nature of man wants to pull away and live unto its own self.

Give me your hand

When our children were young we taught them to immediately place their hand in ours when we asked for it. We would say “Give me your hand”, and they would come to us and place their hand in ours. This is great when crossing the street or in busy store.

Other-Centered Children

Parents must make a conscious effort to raise other-centered children since children are naturally self-centered. Self-centeredness is inherent in the sin nature we are born with, so the characteristic of other-centeredness must be taught and cultivated in the family. It comes through example, culture, and through training in rejoicing for others. Celebrations are a great opportunity to develop this habit. At birthday parties a parent can make sure to provide gifts only for the birthday child, and to prep the other children ahead of time that this day is a celebration for that child only. If the other children pout or cry, the parent has an opportunity to develop an other-centered heart within them through discipline and admonition.


I have been so blessed these past twenty plus years to work with children of all ages and from different nations, here at The Inn. I have worked with children in one way or another since I stopped being a child myself! I want to share with you over the course of the next weeks some tips that I believe will help as you work with children. So, here you go. Three tips for today! These are not in any particular order, nor are they by any means exclusive.



Don’t just stand there and talk! Use as many visual illustrations as you can. Children love visual aids and will remember much better what you are talking about if you use them.