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Am I a devoted slave of Jesus, the Messiah?

Am I a devoted slave of Jesus, the Messiah?

My role is one of a slave. I am a devoted slave of Jesus, the Messiah. Really? Yes, a slave. I belong to Him. Jesus is my Master. Jesus owns me.

I am on assignment. My Master gives me jobs to do.  Some days I get distracted but Jesus has given me a mission to complete. I am authorized to proclaim God’s words and acts.

So are you. We all are. I am not unique in this regard. Will I focus on what God has given me to do? That is today’s question. That is every day’s question.

Are you a slave to sin?

Kiara Clemonts is an intern in our Heroes Summer Internship program. She shares what she learned about God’s liberating truth in John chapter 8 at our morning devotion time.

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