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How innovative ministries are bringing millennials back to church  

How innovative ministries are bringing millennials back to church  

Here is a great article about faith among young adults. For many teens and young adults,  they only have a limited amount of experience in their walk with Jesus. The article points out that young adults are in need of mentorship from those in their congregation who have decades of experience as devout Christians.

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Despite belonging to a church-attending family, 24-year-old Danielle De Guzman is among the many American millennials who struggled throughout adolescence to find relevance and trust in the church or Christianity.

After high school, she would at times still attend her parents’ large church in Collin County, Texas, but admits that she would just sit in the lobby and wait for the service to end because she just didn’t see the point of going into the service.

Although she spent years going to the church, she struggled to get plugged in or even develop personal relationships with others in her congregation.

Eventually, she began telling her parents that she had to work on Sundays so she could get out of going to church. Her parents respected her freedom and De Guzman stopped going to church for a period of time. Going to college locally, she spent a lot of time — like many other college students — partying.

The experience had by De Guzman is not unique among millennial adults who grew up in the church.

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How innovative ministries are bringing millennials back to church   – The Christian Post

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Into the Darkness You Shine

This testimony of renewal is written by a beautiful girl in our INNsight Program for young adults. She is finding freedom in Christ, and in wholeness she is enrolling in college. God provided a job for her during her program that was a perfect fit for her talents and interests. She was surrounded by people who loved her while she worked and people who loved her when she was here with us. We are cheering her on as she sprints to the finish line of her program. In Him, all things are new!

“Into the darkness You shine. Out of the ashes we rise. There’s no one like You.” This song describes my story exactly. I was trying to be a Christian for a long time but remained broken inside because until I came to The Inn I wouldn’t allow God’s Word to shine into those dark places inside of me. Once the light of Christ shined in, this burnout deadbeat who went to church on Sunday and chased the next high on Monday began to rise from the ashes as a brand new creation to be set on fire in a new way, a heavenly way, and with a fire that will not run out. Oh, there is no one like Him! There is no one else who could take someone like me, corrupt in all my ways and turn me into a pure and righteous child of God. I’ve been redeemed by the blood of Jesus.”

The Blind Leading the Blind

The blind leading the blind is a familiar adage that I wrestle with as I seek to see this generation with heaven’s eyes. I have often chosen the comfortable blindness of legalism over the bright light of God’s love for those I struggle to understand and mentor. I have to take off my own generational blindfold and expose myself to the light of God’s love for this generation to see them as He sees them. With His eyes, I have no trouble believing that His work on their behalf is just as effectual as it has always been.