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SUMMER: JUNE 15-24, 2023

FALL: NOVEMBER 5-18, 2023






Family First

Family is the most vital relationship and the one under the most pressure and attack. 

Throughout the year, we welcome individuals, couples, and families from around the world who are seeking to strengthen their relationships – with God, within their own families, and with their fellow believers. Every session, individuals, couples, and families from around the world are transformed, healed, and renewed. Barriers to forgiveness, personal growth, and hope are overcome in a supportive and intimate environment. Join us in this safe and holy place where painful and complex situations can be worked through – a place of hope and healing

God’s Plan for Family

I am often asked, “What is the most challenging topic you speak on today with regards to family?” My answer is immediate: “Discipline: parents disciplining their children correctly.”

-Larry Pons, Director-


“Discipline prepares the way for instructing our families in the ways and Word of God. If children are not disciplined correctly, they cannot be taught appropriately. If suitable discipline is maintained, the environment to teach and to learn is greatly increased. Henceforth, family life becomes purpose-oriented rather than directionless.”

-Larry Pons, Director-

Resolving Conflict

“Understanding the revelation of God’s word with regard to family opens us up to new beginnings and grace-filled living. It is imperative to understand His intention for our households in order to establish a successful family environment.” 

-Larry Pons, Director-

Pricing and Registration

Summer Session (10 Day)

Couple: $1020.00

Individual $600.00

Children: $150.00 (per child)

Cost Includes: Lodging, Meals, Teaching/Sessions, Counseling, Childcare

Spring/Fall Sessions (2-Weeks)

Couple: $1440.00

Individual: $840.00

Children: $150.00 (per child)

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